Saturday 9 March 2013

The Local update #4 - That's a wrap!

The dust has settled now on our shoot for The Local, and we're ready to move into post-production next week!

We started off at our first location (Moyola Park Golf Club) just after 10am, got the cast made up (huge thanks to Jen Bowman!) and started running through the first scene.  The three guys worked really well together - Kevin Keenan as Dave, Martin McCann as Alfie, and Justin Davis as Brick - and it was a joy to just listen to their interpretations of the script and their characters.  We shot all 9 angles of the scene before 5pm, and then packed up to move on to our second location, for the third scene - which involved waiting for dark.

Wednesday 6 March 2013

The Local update #3 - The Shoot

No updates in a while, I know, but today's the day!  We're heading down to the first location soon, to meet up with the great cast & crew we've assembled, and make a (short) movie!  This is just a brief note for now, but we'll try and have some more updates through the day on Twitter, and a proper report tomorrow.