Tuesday 28 May 2013

Long Time No Etc.

It's been a while since our last update, but that doesn't mean nothing's been happening!  In the weeks since finishing up The Local, we've submitted the film to several festivals, and are waiting to hear word back.  Who knows?  Maybe when you finally see it, it'll be on the big screen!

We also took part in this year's 24-hour Film Race, which involved writing, shooting, editing and scoring a three-and-a-half minute film in under 24 hours.  At 3am local time, they provided us with a theme (Time Travel), a prop (an egg), and an action (crumpling a piece of paper) to base the film around, and we got our entry, Time for Regret, submitted with moments to spare!

Writing and planning also continues on future projects, which we'll share with you as soon as possible!

Thanks for following our progress - we hope you like what we've done so far, and what we do in future!

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